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Great buyer to deal with who made immediate payment! Hope you visit again😍Thank you so much!!!♥️

Disappointed. Bought the eyeglasses 10days ago, but I wasnt told that she has astigmatism until i purchased the item/sent the payment. Ive asked twice if I need to change the lens and if its not graded and she said, its not graded but I can change the lens if I have astigmatism. But she never mentioned during the entire conversation. No question regarding the authenticity, but P1500 for preloved CK brand plus u need to change the lens, I dont think its worth it. Nsayang pera ko di ko p mgamit!


Fast and easy transaction. Thanks maam to your Samsung Note Edge. Very reasonable price. Till next time.


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All items are original and in good condition. Brandnew or used atleast twice. Please don't haggle unless stated negotiable :)
Dresses and swimwear at affordable price

Dresses and swimwear at affordable price

PHP 2004

Celine handbag Original

Celine handbag Original

PHP 2,0000

Original Ray Ban Eyeglasses

Original Ray Ban Eyeglasses

PHP 3,5007

Iphone 5s, Iphone 6, Iphone 6+

PHP 99,999,999,999.992

Iphone 6 & 6+ Original

PHP 99,999,999,999.997

Apple Iphone6 16 GB

PHP 9,00051

Apple Iphone 6 Plus 16 GB

PHP 12,00046

Sony H.ear On Headset

PHP 5,0000

Lacoste Original

PHP 1,3000

Puma Original

PHP 1,0002

Original Aldo Pumps

PHP 1,0000

Calvin Klein Original Eyeglasses

PHP 1,5001

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

PHP 4,5003

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (black)

PHP 10,0000

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

PHP 55,0004

Welcome to Carousell!

Welcome to Carousell!

PHP 00