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Very fast transaction, no hassle dealing with her because she replies instantly about my inquiries. :) Thank you!


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Hello everyone! I am very sorry for not responding to your messages. Will get back to business soon. I’m just looking for more a convenient way to ship the items. I will also update my listings. Please be patient. Thank you! ☺️

[REPRICED] iPad Mini 4 64GB

PHP 15,0003

Kobo Touch

PHP 4,0000

Floral Tube Dress

PHP 2502

GTW Cropped Shirt

PHP 1003

GTW Cropped Shirt

PHP 1005

[RESERVED] Turqouise Off Shoulder Top

PHP 1505

[RESERVED] Forever 21 Longsleeves Cropped Top

PHP 2007

[REPRICED] Folded & Hung Ruffled Romper

PHP 2002

Welcome to Carousell!

Welcome to Carousell!

PHP 00