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m_1928 It was a pleasant transaction! Item was delivered as soon as it has been paid. 😊💋 appreciate the patience and speedy replies, until next time! 😌👍🏻


dyanchua Gave me a negative feedback! Before I can explain what happened to our transaction. sorry if I was hold-up and my phone got stolen, yes, i wasnt able to reply but i didnt expect this seller would not understand but instead gave me a negative feedback. Did i gave you a hard time? Did you wait or didnt show up? what kind of seller.. the fact his phone got stolen, and didnt even gave me a chance to explain. How rude.. been a seller and buyer for years. Only you gave me a negative feedback. GODBLESS

"for someone who's phone got stolen" - who btw is checking her messages from time to time. how would i know? bc all my messages are seen. i reserved this item for days, i even volunteered to deliver the item to your house MYSELF.. remember? got receipts girl. i gave you a negative feedback bc you deserve it. ok? #sorrynotsorry p.s. why would i wait for you if you keep on ignoring me i was considerate, i was kind so dont hate, its just a feedback


gabnbiscollection At first I was scared due to bad feedback on her profile. Pero okay naman syang buyer. Punctual! Pleasant transaction! Speedy replies Thank you sis☺️😍 til next time