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    Heya! Thanks for the FOLLOW! How would you like to take advantage with my Promo offer? Choose your Promo now!! 🅰 Buy 5 items ( any amount ) and you'll get 1 free item absolutely for FREE! • Free items to choose from are any within my listings amounting not higher than P150. • 2 for P150 is considered 1 item. ( Shipping Fee for Promo🅰 is to be shouldered by the buyer ) If you are only interested for just 1 item I can tag that item as RESERVED for you till i have other orders to ship. I am living far from remittance centers and couriers so I can't process 1 item per transaction. 📞 09274018069 09772028458 Im on WhatsApp 24/7 Call or Text me

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Hiya! Welcome to Carousell 😊 Here are some quick tips to help you get started on Carousell: 👉 Buy: If you're interested to buy something, simply tap the item, and click the 'Chat to Buy - $' button. Then start a conversation with the seller to ask for more information. When you're ready, make an offer for a price you are comfortable with and proceed with the transaction. 👉 Sell: To sell something, simply press the 'SELL' button. Then add a photo and fill in the relevant information. When a user is wants to buy your item, remember to have him/her ‘Make an offer’ so that he/she can ‘Leave a feedback’ after. p.s. Nicely photographed listings tend to gain more traffic so make sure your items are bright, clear and appealing. 👉 Share: While listing your items, you can choose to share your listings on your social media accounts to reach a larger crowd and get them sold faster. 👉 Payment and delivery: Payment and delivery is made completely between the buyer and seller. Here are a few suggested ways where deals could be completed: 1. Bank transfer and mailing 2. Cash on delivery and meet-ups 3. Paypal and mailing/meetups 👉 Promote: Get support from your friends by sharing your profile for free! Simply go to ‘Me’ and click on ‘Promote’ found at the top left corner of your page. This way, you can grow your following and reach more buyers. For more information, please head over to the tabs: Me > Settings 😊 Happy Carouselling! 🎊 p.s. feel free to delete this listing after you've read through it and ready to go!

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