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BRAND NEW AUTHENTIC (Bought in Canada. Absolutely not Class A, Dubai, or US tester which sell for 500-2500php) Selling low because it's just been stocked for quite some time. Versace Red Jeans Woman 75 ml/ 2.5 fl oz #thegoldenrule "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you": Low balling is an insult. Low ballers will be treated accordingly. We will only accept offers as long as they are justified (include your reason with your offer). Some of our prices are negotiable, some are not. Shipping fees and item conditions have already been considered for the pricing. The item/s will be double-checked after you've ordered, and any previously unseen/undisclosed flaws will be made known, as well as due re-pricing. #sweldosale

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Xend: MM - PHP 70/ PHP 90 Prov - PHP 110/ PHP 180 (JRS shipping also available - fees determined by weight) Payments via LBC/Palawan Express