Ticks Away Anti-Ticks (Garapata), Anti-Fleas (Pulgas) And Anti-Lice (Kuto)

PHP 240
Quezon City, Philippines

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For Cats And Dogs. Very Effective! No Ticks. No Fleas for 30 days! Kills all ticks and fleas in 1 to 2 days. Killing action lasts for 30 days. Ticks Away is Fipronil-based, ticks (garapata), fleas (pulgas) and lice (kuto) will start to die within few a hours. Any remaining ticks and fleas will die within 2 days. Your pet will be free of ticks, fleas and lice for 1 month! Usage Guidelines: Shake well before using VERY IMPORTANT to spray as much as possible directly on the skin of your pet. Part the hair of your pet before spraying to get maximum skin exposure. Little to no effect will occur when sprayed onto the fur of your pets. Spray more on areas where parasites hide/stay. Don't spray on sensitive areas like the mouth, nose & eyes of your pet. After spraying, wash your hands with soap and water. Don't bathe your pet for 3 to 7 days (if possible) to allow TICKS AWAY formula to spread all over your pet's body. You can also spray on areas your pets frequent. (e.g. dog cage) As a preventive measure, you can re-apply TICKS AWAY between 15 to 30 days. Use only on pets that are 2 months or older. NOTE : The spray mechanism of the TICKS AWAY bottle is equipped with a lock system to prevent accidental spraying. Remember to unlock it before use. 🐶 On hand 🐱 #pet #pets #cat #dog #cats #dogs #petcare #spray #antitick #antifleas #antilice

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