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Hi. Explain ko lang po briefly yung product. Our books are consists of 100 books but it was reconstructed and re-edited into 50 books based on the level curriculum here in the Philippines. That's why our books are the best foundation for your child to learn at the earliest stage. Since book contents are curriculum-based, we guarantee you that your child will learn and retain all the information when they grow up. Of course po, we added interesting and eye catching illustrations and combined with the Talking pen that gives the book a ‘voice’ so that children can listen and repeat the words or subject matter over and over again building retention of ideas in their young minds. The Talking pen reads the book for your children. It can read pointers for a subject matter, read a sentence or whole page; it also has a function that can read the entire contents of the book without opening the book. Moreover your child can listen to stories without holding the book before going to sleep and you can also use headphones for privacy.

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