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THE EXTREME HEAT OF SUMMER IS OVER!!! BUT WAIT MONSOON SEASON IS HERE GUYS... Did you know that putting sunblock is still a must?? YES! It's because UVA/ UVB rays not the temperature do the damage. The UVA rays responsible for aging it can penetrate clouds so even if you don't get sunburnt damage is still being done. According to the SCF up to 80 percent of sun's UVA rays can pass through clouds. ELKE by Evetag SUNNY STORY is giving you a wide range of protection with SPF 75 a non stick formula that protects skin from UVA/ UVB rays and premature aging. THE Best choice of Sun Protection! Sunny Story SPF 75 Sunblock *prevents premature aging *prevents wrinkles *prevents uneven skin tone *non greasy * fresh cucumber scent! *UVA/UVB *promotes skin lightening #FreeDelivey #HUGOTGAMIT #ukayukay #ohmyelke

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Metro Manila: small pouch 50.00 large pouch 60.00 Province: small pouch 120.00 large pouch 160.00 For COD order on shopee look for our store "ohmyelke"