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*PRE ORDER* Stick EZ is made of a special type of material that makes it possible o STICK to almost any type of DRY surface. It's the perfect solution to your vehicle! Stick EZ is washable, highly durable, reusable, and each piece can hold up to 0.65 kg of weight. Works best on most surfaces (glass, wood, concrete, hard plastic) amd especially on a dashboard of a vehicle. Not advisable to stick on picture frames, wall clocks, all types of cloth/fabric, wet surfaces and surfaces coated with Armor All. To use: -peel off protective film on both sides. Keep protective film for future use. -place Stick EZ on a dry surface. -stick your gadget on Stick EZ. To remove: -gently lift Stick EZ from the surface. -wash with water alone or with dish washing liquid and leave to dry. REMINDERS: -because items are fast moving, please ALWAYS ask first for its availability. -no rush shipping. -strictly no cancellation of orders. Thank you and Happy shopping!

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