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Comes with NP-BX1 battery which can be used in RX100 and sony action cams. If you don't need the battery, I can keep it and give your a discount. Can charge battery or camera directly. Cameras that Use the NP-BX1 Battery Include: Cyber-shot:  DSC-RX100  DSC-RX100II DSC-RX100III DSC-RX100IV DSC-RX1 DSC-RX1R DSC-HX300 DSC-HX50V  DSC-WX300  Action Cam:  FDR-X1000V HDR-AS200V HDR-AS100 HDR-AS30V HDR-AS20 HDR-AS10 HDR-AS15 Power a whole range of Cyber-shot™ batteries charger is compatible with 7 types of battery, including NP-BX1, NP-BN1, NP-BN, NP-FG1/BG1, NP-FD1/BD1/FT1, NP-FR1 and NP-BK1