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  • jkb113

    Hello Joy! This is Jesa. I don't know if you still remember me, but thanks for this post. This, morning I was about to send her money as downpayment for the items (mackbook pro @ ipad air ) posted in Ebay. Same story. She's claiming that she's selling the items at the very low price due to the same reason ( immediate medical heart surgery of her baby) same strategies: - she choose me over other bidders coz she said I'm the sure buyer. - she asked me to not to pay the whole amount (18k for makbook and 5k for an ipad air) ( decieving and I'm a fucking fool to believe her) But instead asked me to pay the DP of 7k for her to be able to ship the items to me; since her location is at Zamboanga del norte. - she even send me screen shots of her fake IDs' ( doubted coz she sent me some were blurred and only name appeared but no picture of her) to my viber messanger. - asked her if she has bank account/s and said none coz she said all their money had ran out and bank accounts were closed due to the baby's hospitalization and bills. So she instead asked me to send the money thru dorect money transfer (smart padala) I said no coz I already had an experience being scammed thru the said money remittance. So she asked me if its possible thru palawan express and said okay (maybe my heart melted due her foolish made stories coz I had baby too) Last night about, 9pm (may 22,2018) she keep on texting me asking over and over if I would be able to send the money tomorrow morning before 9am (today), said yes and asked her the details of payee ( name and address) She replied "maam, bukas ko pa po kasi malalaman if sino sa dalawa kong kapatid ang pwede kumuha kasi bukas ko pa po sila makakausap, wala pa po kasi sila tonight, nasa ospital pa po ako. Okay lang po ba if tom morning ko po i send sayo details?) replied her okay but in doubt ( why she cant call her sisters that moment and tell them to if they can pick up the money if its urgent right?) SO I decided to search the name she used "AGATHA LIABAR GO" Nothing appears on the net even name, photos or in social media accounts. ( doubted and thinking why ) - this morning, woke up and texted her whats the details coz Im about to send the money. (but I asked God to help me and give me signs if this is a legit transaction or just a scam) About a minute or two, she then replied with the name NARIA ABIGAIL GO, I rushed to search the said name to google and found this post! So I immedietely took a minute to read and screen captured it and send pics to her viber. She keeps and consistedly texting me to update her once paid. So I reply saying chech her viber messanger and blocked her to my phone. I reported this incident also to Ebay to banned her products there. Thank God he helped me. Luckily found this article. Thanks Joy, regards to your son! -JESA

  • reinzsinjoy

    Oh hi there! How are you?! Glad that I helped. No worries!



8 months ago by reinzsinjoy






This person is disguising her name and location and even using her child (unknown to me if that's her child or worst, she used that photo claiming it as hers) just to beg money for her shady fucking reasons using con accounts in Carousell. Please be mindful and as much as possible, from those who have no experience being scammed, be careful when negotiating to people whom are not 100% genuine as they would be using anything as an advantage to deceive you thanks. I also reported this to NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) and NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) to track this person where exactly she really is located as I do not believe she resides in El Nido, Palawan UPDATE: She's now hiding under the AS***** name of NIKA JOSE and her location is in Cadiz, somewhere part in Visayas. But her sh**** reason is still the same that she used from her previous con accounts in this marketplace. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THAT F****** NAME👿

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