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I'm selling my Local unit Samsung Galaxy S8 for "ONLY" 25.5k Let me emphasize the price: 25.5K ONLY. 25.5K ONLY. > Bought on the 21st of May 2017 sa Samsung Store Ayala for 39,990 php > Under 1 Year Warranty (Naa ang resibo) > With complete set (Except sa headset) > Comes with phone cases (Bati ang uban) > Na'y gamayng crack sa luyo (Check photos). Pero ma coveran ra sya sa cases. > 64GB internal memory / Expandable up to 256GB > Hybrid Dual-Sim > Local Unit > Phone's battery is great! > No hidden issues > LAST PRICE NA NAH SIYA. LAST PRICE NA NAH SIYA. Reason for selling: Road to Note 8 Reason for the price: Para puno ra. Ayaw'g PM para muhangyo. Thanks!

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Cebu City, Philippines

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