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PILATEN BLACK HEAD REMOVER ✔blackheads remover ✔100 orig Blackheads/whiteheads no more 💕 Pilaten is a silicone mask that Cleanses the pores, eliminates black spots and impurities from your face. Helps remove the fat and dirt from the skin of your face. HOW TO USE: 1. Remove make up or dirt on your face, wash with your regular cleanser. 2. Steam your face or use a hot towel on your nose area &/or in the chin area for 3 - 5 minutes. 3. Dry your face. 4. Take little amount of cream (PILATEN MASK) on your fingers and spread over the nose area or area where you are suffering from black/whiteheads. PLEASE AVOID around the eyes, lips, eyebrows or hairline areas. 5. Leave on for 30-45 min. or when dries up completely. 6. Peel off gently upward Minimum of 20pcs to avail P5 each Below 20pcs, P10 each 😉😉😉

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Antipolo, Philippines

With 20 Handling fee Contact: 09275283177

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Genamor Villaroza 09275283177 Jrs Express Add 99 LBC Express Add 180