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Want a whiter and healthy glowing skin? Try our beauty kits! Sloughs dead skin, help your new skin absorb the whitening additives of your favorite soap and lotion. Includes: Elke Whitening Soap 150grms Pineapple Peel Lotion 60ml Milk A Peel Creme 120grms Sunny Story Sunblock SPF75 KIT#1- without sunblock (520.00) KIT#2- with sunblock (760.00) #FreeDelivery #HUGOTGAMIT #ukayukay #ohmyelke

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Mailing or Delivery

Metro Manila: small pouch 50.00 large pouch 60.00 Province: small pouch 120.00 large pouch 160.00 For COD order on shopee look for our store "ohmyelke"