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Parvaid is an all natural herbal supplement that may help pets overcome the dreaded Canine Parvo Virus. Parvaid is a product of Amber Technology and has been in production since 1997. It is sold world wide and has shown that animals who are given Parvaid along with antibiotics, immune builders and electrolytes have a very good chance of recovery. Stomach discomfort can be unpleasant for both dog and owner; these little mishaps can happen anywhere. Parvaid is natural blend of herbs designed to give the owner some peace of mind when it comes to: Supporting the gastrointestinal tract Supporting the normal functions of the gut Occasional loose stool Occasional rumbling Lethargy ( associated with normal body stress) Parvaid works to help keep your dog in peak condition. Parvaid can be taken daily to help maintain proper and normal digestion, or when a little extra help is needed. Directions for Use: Give every 15 minutes for the first hour; reduce to every hour until the animal is able to hold food down for 6 hours. After 6 hours, and the dog is still able to hold food down, reduce the amount given to 4 times daily for 2 days. Health and prevention: give 4 times daily for 5 days, take a 2 day break, then give 2 times daily for 5 days. Long term use: give 1-2 times daily giving a 5 day break every 30 days

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