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OSEQUE is on SALE again!!! Product Expiry Date: November 2017 FEATURES: * High-End Touch Foundation features a new concept roller applicator that provides hands-free application for fresh coverage. * The formula contains extracts from plants and fermented nutrients to keep skin moist and hydrated from within. * Depending on the angle of the light, High End Touch also highlights the contour of the face for a 3D reflection effect to make the face look smaller and blemish-free. * The soft illumination prevents skin looking from shallow and maintains natural skin tone during the long wear. * High End Touch is more than a foundation.  * It's a multi skin care product that reduces wrinkles, brightens skin, and blocks UV rays.  * It also restores elasticity and glowing health to skin. HOW TO USE: * For the initial use, press about 10 times to bring up the formula. * Press once to dispense the formula and apply gently on face. * For the eyes and nose area, apply carefully. #oseque #highendtouchfoundation #foundation#korea

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