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‼️BEWARE OF FAKES‼️ FAKE Victoria's Secret from Divisoria/Baclaran items vs. AUTH from our Store Always ask for the label on the item and not on the tags. It's your choice.. Do you wish to buy one that is cheaper but fake? .. Or go for the original and invest on a wholesale purchase to have a better discount on the price? FAQ's: Is this an overrun? - as said on our description, DEFINITELY NOT. These are ORIGINAL items that passed quality standards and were sold by the item's direct distributor on CONSIGNMENT terms. Since the items are not moving, the distributors decided to pull-out the items and sell it fast through wholesale marketing to breakeven rather suffer a profit loss. I want to buy it in singles, why is the SRP high? - This is the reason why we're selling it in groups of 6's, 12's & higher.. the more quantity you buy, the lesser the price for each item.. Otherwise, item would just be discounted by 10 to 20 percent of the actual price. I can't afford to buy too many. - you don't have to buy alone. Ask some friends or family members that would like to purchase so you can have the items in one order. Can I have it in assorted sizes, color or designs? - Yes you may. 👍🏻😊 as long as it's from the same brand and price bracket (eg. if the item is 250 each for 12 pcs., you can get other designs under the same price range)

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