PHP 250
Magalang, Philippines

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ORIGINAL 100% PUREST CRAB PASTE 250g Or Get Your Money Back!!! Mirror, mirror on the wall Who is the PUREST of 'em all?! Hahaha!!! PURE ALIGUE AT ITS BEST LIKE NO OTHER! No regrets at all! Once you get to taste it, you'll surely keep on coming back for more, i swear!!! Taba ng talangka or crab paste is made with really small crabs that have lots of roe or fat. It was the tiny female crab that was needed for making this delicious paste Also, a purely female tabang talangka becomes prohibitively expensive.💰💰💰 The traditional way to squeeze the crabs was to remove the shell, place the crab between your two thumbs and squeeze the bejesus out of them. Yes! It is definitely a recipe for sore thumbs. Can you imagine squeezing a hundred, a thousand of the tiny crabs just to get that one half teaspoon of fat and flesh from that one inch crab. It takes hours! But its the best! Add a little flavor and give life to your usual food. Order now! Pure Crab Paste 250g Regular & Spicy Flavor SRP: P300/bottle Minimum Purchase Order of Eight (8) for P285/bottle Minimum Purchase Order of Twenty (20) for P270/bottle Minimum Purchase Order of Fifty (50) for P250/bottle