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REG. PRICE: PHP 788 / ADULT discounted at Php 700 PHP 628 / CHILD ( 11 AND BELOW) discounted at Php 590 Welcome to Ocean Adventure! Prepare to be awed by our truly spectacular site. Nestled between blue waters and a triple canopy rainforest, we are located on Camayan Wharf inside the old Naval Magazine in West Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay. Come out for the day, or stay overnight at Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel, located right next door. Inclusions: All Feature Shows Dolphin Friends Show (25 min.) Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show (25 min.) Walk on the Wild Side Show (25 min.) Aquarium Exhibits Ocean Discovery Aquarium Research Station Sea Trek Experience the Adventure Come See All of Our Feature Shows Nature can teach us, make us laugh, fill us with amazement and give us hope for a bright future. All of this is a part of every show here at the park! Have Fun and Learn About the Natural World All of our shows are filled with wonder, laughs and amazing facts about the natural world we live in. Come see all kinds of beautiful and fascinating animals and learn about how they live, and how we can help protect them. *Dolphin Friends Join us for an enjoyable and informative presentation as we explore the fascinating world of whales and dolphins. Awe Inspiring and Enlightening-dolphin show in subic bay 4 Whales and dolphins. Long believed to be the gentle souls of the deep and dangerous oceans, they have always fascinated us. We admire their intelligence and sensitive nature. We love their smile. Learn about these amazing animals, while being thrilled by their grace, agility, and power. This presentation is packed with action, smiles, interesting information, and an important conservation message. Join us as we celebrate our Dolphin Friends! *Sea Lion Marine Patrol Welcome to the Headquarters of the Sea Lion Marine Patrol - we are the proud, the brave, the best! Sea Lions Know How to Have Fun! But they are serious when it comes to protecting the environment. At Ocean Adventure we care about the environment. Our sea lions want to do their part to help, so they formed the Sea Lion Marine Patrol. Come watch the show filled with action and fun, and find out what they are doing to protect our precious marine resources, and what you can do to help. Sea Lion Underwater Viewing After the show, go down the ramp and check out the sea lions in their large back-stage pool It’s free time, so prepare to be delighted by the graceful and playful movements of the animals as they swim, dive, roll and glide through the water. *Walk On The Wild Side The forest is filled with creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors. If youre ready to meet them, well lead the way. Join Us as We Explore the Mysterious Rainforest Learn how to make a fire with only bamboo from our Aeta friends. Encounter some amazing creatures like binturong, bat, python, and scops owl. All animals you’ll meet are from the Wildlife in Need Rescue Center. They were sick, injured, or abandoned and nursed back to health. Their message is to respect and protect their cousins in the wild, and they are the best teachers you could imagine. So, come on, take a Walk on the Wild Side. Aquariums Ocean Adventure is home to two aquarium exhibits - Ocean Discovery Aquarium and Sea Trek. Aquarium Exhibits *Ocean Discovery Aquarium Experience an underwater world filled with bright colors, strange shapes, and mysterious creatures. Welcome to a Whole New World Right Here in the Ocean Discovery Aquarium Explore the myriad of plants and sea creatures that inhabit the waters of Subic Bay and the South China Sea – without getting wet! We’ve recreated a diverse array of habitats including fresh water streams, mangrove forests, coral reefs and deep dark caves. Enjoy the views, and discover actions you can take to protect these fragile marine environments. *Research Station SeaTrek Enter the fascinating world of predators of the sea. And come face-to-face with the most dangerous predator of them all. Hint... its not a shark. Check Out Our Newest Aquarium Here we explore and study the predators of the sea – sharks, rays, jack fish, eels, and jellyfish. Predators have a very important role in the ocean, keeping the ecosystem in balance by hunting the weak and more abundant animals. As top predators they are sentinels of the ocean – healthy predators mean a healthy ocean. Discover why we humans are the most dangerous predator of them all. Duration : Open 9am to 6pm Booking Period: Until July 31, 2017 Travel Period: Until December 2017 LEGIT TRAVEL AGENCY PROVIDER: #oceanAdventure #subic #attractions #voucher

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Bulacan, Central Luzon, Philippines, Philippines

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