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I bought this book a few months back at Php 299 in National Bookstore. The reason for its wear and tear is that I couldn't put it down. It was a good book and taught me a lot, but now I feel like someone else would benefit from it. I did the book-lovers' sin of folding some of the page edges, but that's only because I needed to know how to get back to certain parts that struck me. I hope this book helps someone else the way it helped me. The synopsis in the rear cover is too long, so here's the bottom half of it for your reference: "Cashflow Quadrant was written for you if you are ready to... - Move beyond job security and begin to find your own world of financial freedom - Make significant changes in your life - Take control of your financial future 'The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money... but never learn to have money work for them' - Robert Kiyosaki " SHOPPING TERMS & CONDITIONS Step 1 Reserve the Item Step 2 Make Your Payment (If your item is Php 500 and your shipping is Php 70, then your total deposit should be Php 570) Step 3 Send me the photo of your deposit slip or a screenshot of your online fund transfer (within your 2-day reservation - the item goes back up for sale on the 3rd day if you do not get back to me) Step 4 I send your item to you through Xend Express Step 5 Kindly leave me a review if you were happy with our transaction NOTES: 1. Sure-buyers only, please! 2. Payment-first policy 3. Deposit or online fund transfer only thru BPI 4. Xend Express is my preferred courier because of my previous business with them 5. Strictly no swaps or meet-ups unless stated on the product otherwise 6. 2-days reservation of item 7. Haggling only accepted if you purchase at least three (3) of my items at once 8. Kindly read each product description first before asking any further questions because it might already be answered Thank you!

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