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Libre naman ang magtext. Di ako galit if di talaga makukuha. I have a very long patience and could easily understand your situation. Walang pilitan. But then, I packed up the items. I declined some of the buyers since I accommodate the one na nauna. I even extended our reservation date.. simply because I would like you to know that I understand you. And now .. no reply. Not able to contact kayo. Ano na? Just a simple text that you can't get it na is what I need and I'll open it up again for the future buyers..Wag kang makikiusap if sasayangin lang. Ang dami nyo. Magtayo na lang kayo ng sarili nyong community at wag manggulo sa mga maayos na nagtitinda😠😠😠

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Pasig City, Philippines

Can do meet up during weekends because I couldn't do meet up during weekdays. Got a hands-on mom in here!😅

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Fastrack x Xend