LG 2 door Inverter Ref GRB202SLCL GRB222RLCL GRB202SLCL

PHP 14,700
San Mateo, Philippines

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GR-B202SLCL srp:19,995 our price: 14,700 Also available GR-B222RLCL srp: 22,995 our price:16,800 GRV212SLB SRP: 16,995 cash: 13,700 10-Yr Compressor Warranty 2-Yr Parts and Service Warranty Smart Inverter Compressor ALSO AVAILABLE GR-B372SLCG srp: 28,995 our price: 21,350 GR-B272RLNL SRP: 24,995 OUR PRICE: 19,250 GR-B202RLCL SRP:20,995 OUR PRICE: 15,680 GR-B372RLCG-21,850 GR-B222SLCL SRP: 21,995 OUR PRICE: 16,400 Brand new with warranty and official receipt 7 days outright replacement for factory defects pick up testing in the store located at cash and carry mall we accept cod (cash on delivery) delivery charge not included