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LUMINAX CAR ACCESSORIES LED HEADLIGHT with 1 Year Warranty PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Car Model:automobile, or any suitable cars of 12V Color Temperature:6000K Voltage:12V Wattage:80W/SET, 40W/bulb Water resistance:IP68 Power:80W/SET, 40W/bulb Material:Pure aluminum housing Low Beam = P2,000 Pesos H1, H3, H7, H11, 9005, 9006 Lo/Hi Beam = P2,200 pesos H4 24watts for Socket of H1 and H3 Interchangable Color Tube Additional 200 Pesos For Yellow and Blue 3,000K (Yellow) 10,000K (Blue) PLEASE LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE Luminax Car Lights & Accessories Please contact us Grace

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