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Learn With Mind Maps: How To Enhance Your Memory, Take Better Notes, Boost Your Creativity, And Gain An Edge In Work Or School - Easily. by Michelle Mapman


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From a very early age, we have been taught WHAT we need to learn -- but never HOW to learn it. And while we may have done OK with that, the truth is -- you can unlock your brain to do MUCH MORE than you probably think possible. But to become a successful learner, you need some basic training. And that's where this book comes in. See, this book will show you how to rewire the way your brain works. When you go through the following pages and implement it, you can - and will - drastically improve your thinking in school, work, and life. You'll be able to use the secrets of Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein (who used mind maps) to learn more meaningfully, efficiently, and effectively. You'll be able to speed up your learning. You'll be significantly more creative. You'll know how to think out of the box. You'll learn to visually organize and integrate information so that you can think more clearly and powerfully. You'll know how to take better, faster, and more efficient notes. You'll improve your writing, studying, brainstorming, and presenting skills. You'll increase your memory stamina, being able to remember far more things than you thought you could before. You'll be able to break down the "information overload" coming at you and start to break down complex information -- assimilating it, and then retaining it.

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