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Mini Tubes, 0.25 Ounce (250 per piece or 730 3pcs (with box) About the product • SOOTHING & SAFE: Safe for baby, relief for mom, Lansinoh Lanolin provides the most effective relief when moms experience nipple soreness; trusted & recommended by millions of nursing moms, and #1 recommended by Lactation Consultants and doctors in the US • FREE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Lansinoh's proprietary filtration process removes impurities to leave no color, smell or yucky taste; the result is the best possible nursing experience for both mom & baby; 100% natural, additive & paraben free, hypoallergenic • AMAZING SKIN MOISTURIZER: Due to its moisturizing and softening properties, many moms, beauty insiders, and influences are trusting Lansinoh lanolin for regular skin care use to smooth lips, heels, elbows, eyebrows and cuticles • NO NEED TO REMOVE BEFORE BREASTFEEDING: Great for prenatal use to naturally soothe dryness and promote healthy skin; best for the first few weeks of nursing when nipples can become sore, allowing moms to resume nursing without needing to remove it • TOP BREASTFEEDING SOLUTIONS: Lansinoh is one of the leading manufacturers of breastfeeding accessories with an award winning product range helping moms to breastfeed for longer, including Lanolin, Nursing Pads, Milk Storage Bags, Breastpumps & Baby Bottles #lansinoh #nipplecream #breastfeeding #everytingforbaby #yunascloset

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