JetKids Premium Ride On Luggage - LIMITED TIME - Turn your airplane seat into a BED

PHP 10,000
Makati City, Philippines

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Everyone is about to go on vacation and this is the best time to start planning for how to keep your child comfortable on the airplane whether they are sleeping or awake. Whether they are 2 years old or 7 years old. Honestly it really doesn't matter what airline you are riding on or how long your flight is. What matters is that your child isn't uncomfortable and isn't crying the entire time. What matters is that you are not going to be THAT parent on the plane! Kids cry because they are uncomfortable. Kids cry when they are impatient, bored or just tired. Some kids cry just because, but that's another issue, but let's face it. Airplane seats are super uncomfortable. Ask yourself, how much is 1 hour of peace and quiet worth to you? How much is 9 hours of peace worth to you? For me. My children have used the JetKids Premium Ride On Bedbox Luggage on Philippines Airlines, Air Asia, Asiana, Japan Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Cebu Pacific. My happy customers have used it on Cathay Pacific, United, Delta, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and more that they probably just don't tell me about. My kids have slept 9-10 hours straight multiple times with this. This is your chance. Limited time. 13000 fof 1, 10000 if you buy 2 or more. Pick up in BGC Two Serendra. This potentially lasts you SEVEN years. Colors in Stock: Red and Blue Questions frequently asked. 1. Does it inhibit the seat in front of you? No. 2. Ages it's good for? 0-7 years old. 3. Is this banned on any airlines? No it is not officially banned on any airlines at this time. People have expressed concern about Emirates. I have had clients be able to use it one way, but not the other. It depends on your airline crew, but I suggest setting it up after take off. 4. How is this better than a trunki? It's way cooler. Can be used up to 7 years old instead of 3 and turns into a bed. Also it has a huge capacity for actually storing things. :) Watch this video - Need Testimonials. Feel free to ask for references.

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Makati City, Philippines