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iPhone 6 16GB. 8500 iPhone 6 64GB. 10000 iPhone 6plus 16GB: 11000 iPhone 6plus 64gb: 13500 iPhone 6splus 16GB: 15000 iPhone 6splus 32Gb: 16500 iPhone 6splus 64Gb:17500 iPhone 5s 16Gb: 5000 iPhone 5s 32GB 5600 iPhone 5G 16Gb 3400 iPhone 5G 32gb 3900 iPhone 4s 16gb 2800 GPP unlock complete iPhone 4s factory unlocked 16gb 3100 all items are 98% smooth no dents with 7days unit warranty and 1 month service warranty

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Greenhills Shopping Center, Philippines

Strictly Greenhills meet up