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  • iammandashplaza
  • ayobkhan91
    Ay Al-angnie

    6plus 16gb 14500 64gb 15500 6s 16gb 16500 64gb 18700 6splus 16gb 19500 64gb 23500

  • elladaniella12

    This seller will not transact without forcing me to give my private details my Facebook , he say it's just for "fun" He texted me and replay in very bad way, calling me bogus buyer, even I give my contact and my work address, he say bad words. He started nice to make believe he is kind, but not be hurry trust him or his items, since according to my friend he had experience from his phone after replacing battery that his unit mostly used with non original parts. Be careful before you give your hard earned cash, better to find someone more reliable . And he will never get any details of my FB, he is not my boss and he act like some amo, while he actually had the same street rude attitude and smart acting techniques. Don't tempt to believe his pics with his sellers or with his family photo, it is all to buy your trust, without basis. Also all he say about his items. He not telling always all the truth, my friend already learned the lesson from buying , but he will not refund or replace anymore... Be aware. Ta

iPhone 6 | 6s | 6plus | 6splus | 7 | 7plus Open to all network/sim. Direct call or txt for faster transac and info. 09089675137


11 months ago by ayobkhan91


PHP 10,500






We encourage users purchasing high-value items to meet and verify their purchases at a safe place. — Carousell Admin


2ndhand but good as new 100% in a good condition 99% smoothness US carrier US model No AppleID signed or icloud You can reset and check all you want upon meeting up Battery: Super B (Very Good) Camera: Back and Front (Good) Buttons: All crisp Touch id/Finger print: Good LTE and POSTPAID sim ready US made iPhones/100% Legit/Kahit sa mcstore meetup willing ako inclusions - ( E A R P O D S/ C H A R G E R / S I M E J E C T O R ) With 1 week service and Replacement Warranty Warranty will avoid if basag ang screen and updating error Meetups: ALONG METRO Spidey Manila You can txt or call me for more details - 0 9 0 8 9 6 7 5 1 3 7 IPHONE 5S 16GB 32GB SPACEGRAY/GOLD IPHONE 6 16GB AND 64GB GOLD/SPACEGRAY 6S 16GB AND 64GB AND 128GB 6SPLUS 16GB 64GB 7 32GB 128GB 7+ 32GB 128GB

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Much better kung along edsa meetup or nearby malls along edsa.

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