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I am a Millenial, am i Fit to be a Financial Consultant


7 months ago by eiracar






According to the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 2 out of 5 Filipino millennials are likely to quit their jobs in the next two years. Why? Mostly because they feel that their leadership skill were not being developed by their employers. With this as a major hindrance, these millennials tend to be unhappy with their current jobs which eventually might trigger them to quit. While we don’t know what would be the next career of these people, one thing is for sure - millennials will not stick around in a job which does not completely acknowledge their hard work and skills. In the Financial Advising industry, this industry WILL GIVE YOU THE AUTHORITY TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Isn’t it nice to have the time to do all the things that you were deprived before? Instead of choosing between working out or hanging out with your friends, why not do both? You can exert all your efforts and be hardworking as you can, and I guarantee you that you will get what you deserve. You have no limits so that means you write your own paycheck. You get to awaken the leader within you. Everything is based on yourself. Of course it is going to be tough just like your previous job but if you’re going to struggle, might as well live a good life. You do you. (c/o FinancialAdvisorCirclePh) Be your own boss! 😎 Be a Pru Life UK Financial Consultant. 👍🏼 Take the first step! Apply and be Invited to Our Career Orientation: 1. Send your updated resume to 2. Register thru

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maro16watsonGreat seller to deal with!
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