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Hyper L High Pressure Washer Hot & Cold Efficiency, reliability, safety and ease of use are the tenets for making a professionals' product. With these in mind, Lavor Pro has conceived the Hyper L--a high-tech machine that matches hygienic standards, while still maintaining time, effort, and resource efficiency. The Lavor Pro Hyper L Hot and Cold pressure cleaner is a heavy duty, top of the range industrial quality unit with a stainless steel heating coil. The machine comes with a large 3000W, four pole, 1450 RPM motor with a low revving, 1450 RPM, heavy duty 3 piston plunger pump delivering 11.2 litres of water per minute at an operating pressure of 2000 PSI. ORIGIN - Italy WARRANTY - Guarantee three Months Free Parts in Service - Five Years Free Service PRODUCT INFO - NOTED:NEGOTIABLE PRICE PRICE FOR QOUTATION

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