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In order to achieve the whitening, simply press the power button 10 minutes cycle, every 30 minutes of whitening treatment you may repeat the cycle three times, in order to achieve maximum results.  In order to get white enhanced, once a day for 5 days. Has to use the mouth rinse teeth trays and optical transmitter separately and re-fixed dental tray.  If you only want to whiten the teeth above or below the teeth, you can gently separate the teeth tray.  Is recommended that you clean when they want to separate dental tray.  3 re-fixed, and only need a simple arrangement and solid together First time you need to be bright, white on the transmitter, remove the battery, electric paper to remove the two under the battery of anti-walk before normal use Teeth whitening steps: 1. normal brushing. 2. Open the gel bottle3. Denture upper and lower part of the inside of squeezed into the small gel strips mixed with painted like, not very strict4. denture on your teeth5. bright white emission at the denture6. Lips wrap the outer edge of the fixed7. Open the bright, white switch on the transmitter8. Whitening transmitter will automatically turn off after 10 minutes, marking the completion of the cycle.

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