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GT008 GPS Tracker Locator Real Time Tracking System Device GPS Locator for Car Vehicle Motorcycle


7 months ago by melonetshoppinas


PHP 1,799






GT008 GPS Tracker Locator Real Time Tracking System Device GPS Locator for Car Vehicle Motorcycle Price P1,799 Features: - AGPS + 3LBS + GPRS. - GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900 worldwide. - SMS instruction query address, map link. - Voice alarm, vibration alarm, speed alarm, remote pickup. - Track playback, electronic fence, Power cut-off. - Computer PC query, APP client query (Andriod and Apple), WeChat query. - Positioning accuracy: 5-10 meters. Model Name: GT008 Color: Black GSM Frequency Band: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900Hz GPRS: Class12, TCP / IP GPS Chip: UBLOX G7020 GSM Module: MT6261 + RDA6625E Working Voltage: 9-36V DC GPS Accuracy: 5-10m Operating Temperature: -30 ~ +80 degree centigrade Working Humidity: 20% -80% RH Working Current: approximately 22mA(12V DC) is approximately 12mA(24V DC) The Terminal Parameter Setting: Power On: - The power-on indicator light is on for two minutes and goes out, and the device turns on (the indicator light is inside the case). Set The APN: - Send: APN,apn name, user name, login password#. - Such as: Belgium: APN, web,, mobistar, mobistar#. Center Number: - To send a text message CENTER, 000000, number#, each device can set up 9 number, from 1-9 order set phone binding number(equipment initial password for 000000)number is center number. - Such as: CENTER, 000000, 13800138000#. SMS For Equipment Position: - Use the main number to send 123 or POSITION# to the device, it will return the device current location information and map link. - Use the main number to send URL# to the device, it will retum the current geographical map link. - Dial-acquisition device device location. - Binding number calls the number will automatically hang up, the device is currently in a reply map link. Change Device Password: - Send SMS: PWD, the equipment initial password(6 digits), device new-password(6digits)#. - When set success, it will auto-reply: PWD OK. - When set fail, it will auto-reply: PASSWORD ER. - Such as: PWD, 000000, 666666#. - When the device execute this command, device password is changed from 000000 to 666666. - Note: The initial password is 000000. Open Or Close Vibration Alarm: - Send SMS: SF#open vibration alarm. - Send SMS: CF#close vibration alarm. Vibration Alarm Settings: - Send SMS: KC, 1# SMS alarm when triggered. - Send SMS: KC, 2# phone call alarm when triggered. - Send SMS: KC, 3# device send SMS and call center number. Remote Pickup: - JT# to send the device will automatically call back the current phone number, after turning into the pinkup state. SOS Alarm: - Where the white mmembrane switch 12V power cable through. Remote Power Off The Oil: - Send RELAY, 1# to the device iis powered down. - Send RELAY, 0# to restore the device. Set Down APN: - Send APN, equipment operators password # Reply APN, OK set successfully. - Note: APN no password using this format(APN,carrier#). Package include 1 x GPS Tracker 1 x English User Manual 1 x Fuse

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