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GD-9829 SOLAR LIGHTING SYSTEM WITH RADIO & MPS PLAYER – Php 1170 Features: 1. DC 5V OUTPUT. 2. When charging in AC power, LED lights will turn off automatically. 3. When charging the indicator light on red, when charge 75% the light will turn green, Please keep charge 3-4 hours more. 4. Easy to carry, can hanging or putting on the desk. Technical Parameters: 1. Charging: can be use by AC220V, 10V/3W solar panel. 2. Built-in 6V 4.5AH maintenance-free rechargeable lead-acid battery. 3. Max charging time: 18-22hours. 4. 1W high brightness LED+325SMD as searching light. 5. The max current out of DC 5V OUTPUT system id 1000mA. For 6 pcs. order less 5% discount For 12 pcs. order less 10% discount For faster transaction txt or call 0977-6113011 / (02) 251-9547

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