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GD-827 SOLAR LIGHTING SYSTEM WITH RADIO & MP3 PLAYER – PHP 1,245 Features: 1. Multifunction emergency light built-in over charging circuit. 2. Can be equipped with FM Radio, Mp3 and Mobile power. 3. Equipped with two pcs DC 6V OUTPUT system. 4. When charging in AC power, LED lights will turn off automatically. 5. When charging the indicator light on red, when charge 75% the light will turn green. Please keep charge 3-4 hours more. 6. Easy to carry, can hanging or putting on the desk and can adjust up and down for 120degree. Technical Parameters: 1. Charging:can be use by AC220V, 10V/3W solar panel. 2. Built-in 6V 4000mAh maintenance-free rechargeable lead-acid battery. 3. Max charging time:18-22 hours. 4. 20PCS of high brightness SMD 5730 as searching light. 5. The output power of the FM Radio and Mp3 is 1000mW. 6. The max current out of DC 6V OUTPUT system is 1000mA. For 6 pcs. order less 5% discount For 12 pcs. order less 10% discount For faster transaction txt or call 0977-6113011 / (02) 251-9547

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