FY-056 bicycle horn electronic bell lamp headlight 2in1

PHP 299
Manila, Philippines

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FY-056 bicycle horn electronic bell lamp headlight 2in1 LED Front Light and Electronic Cycle Horn Price P299 only Bicycle Light Front Headlight Road Mountain Bike Electric Horn Loud Bell 140 Db Large Volume Model: FY-056 Bicycle horns headlights lights + horns electronic horns bikes bicycle lights Bulbs: high power bright XPE 3W LED (250lumens); Headlight: flash - slow flash - steady - off; Speaker: 4 audio loop; Battery: 3 AAA batteries (not included); Color: waist and key color black, red, or all black Weight: weight about: 95.2 g of, about GW: 132.3 g of; Size: length 11 * front width 55 * rear width 3 * head thickness 3.8 * tail thickness 1.7CM; Features: 1. This product is novel and beautiful appearance, matte surface, advanced grade; 2. Using a 3W high power White LED lights, coupled with the crystal grade acrylic intermediate lens condenser + edge matte shade, the middle light irradiation distance, the formation of trapezoidal spot, cut off the line at night 30-50 meters, while the passive viewing angle of up to 220 °, full protect your ride safe; 3. super waterproof, plastic buttons with expansion Covering the upper and lower seal cover silica gel dust cover, rain riding is secure; 4. using 3AAA batteries, commercially available everywhere. 5. Multi-function design, with headlights and speaker warning function to meet the needs of riding a dual purpose. Headlight lighting function: click to enter, click the shift: flash - slow flash - often bright - off; alarm horn warning: 110 dB, click the shift, 4 sound cycle; 6. quick release design, the entire installation The process of free operation, without the use of any tools Oh; 7. Elastic belt buckle design, for a variety of thickness of the seat tube (about 1-4.5CM);