FREE Assorted Philosophical Papers (Descartes' Meditations + Readings on Aesthetics/Philo of Art)

Quezon City, Philippines

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All are brand new, unless stated otherwise. SF should be shouldered by the taker. Meditations on the First Philosophy by Rene Descartes The Sublime and Beautiful by Edmund Burke - used, w/ highlights, etc. The Myth of the Aesthetic Attitude by George Dickie The Aesthetic Point of View by Monroe Beardsley The Aesthetic and the Artistic by David Best The Expression and Arousal of Emotion in Music by Jenefer Robinson Why Seeing is Believing: The Changing Role of Visuality in a Philippine Dance The Sublime and the Avante Garde by Jean-Francois Lyotard The Artistic Enfranchisement of Real Objects: The Artworld by Arthur Danto The Republic (On Art) by Plato - used, w/ highlights, etc. #bagsakpresyo

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