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Eleven Minutes, The Devil & Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho


10 months ago by corin_747


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-Book Bundle, must be bought together -both books are pre-loved copies with yellowish page edges -Eleven Minutes is wrapped in plastic cover Description from Wiki: Eleven Minutes (Portuguese: Onze Minutos) is a 2003 novel by Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho that recounts the experiences of a young Brazilian prostitute and her journey to self-realisation through sexual experience. The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho is set in a small village about a young, poor barmaid whose wager with the devil leads to a spiritual transformation. A stranger arrives at the remote village of Viscos, carrying with him a backpack containing a notebook and eleven gold bars. He comes searching for the answer to a question that torments him: Are human beings, in essence, good or evil? In welcoming the mysterious foreigner, the whole village becomes an accomplice to his sophisticated plot, which will forever mark their lives. A novel of temptation, The Devil and Miss Prym is a thought-provoking parable of a community devoured by greed, cowardice, and fear—as it struggles with the choice between good and evil. About the Author Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist and the recipient of numerous international awards. He is best known for his widely translated novel The Alchemist. He is the writer with the highest number of social media followers reaching over 29.5 million fans through his Facebook page and 12.2 million followers on Twitter [2]. A keen user of electronic media, in 2014 he uploaded his personal papers online to create a virtual Paulo Coelho Foundation.

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heygweyGreat seller to deal with! Item delivered as more
1 month ago
corin_747Thank you! You’re a great buyer as well. :) I hope you enjoy the books. ^^
pinkskinI had her waiting for so long for my payment and more
5 months ago
corin_747Thank you! Enjoy the book 😊
ranjoploThe book is in a very good condition.
6 months ago
corin_747Thank you 😊
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