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EGF Serum is a next generation skin regeneration serum that improves the appearance and health of your skin by encouraging the skin to repair its own cells. EGF Serum Benefits Reduces visible signs of aging Remove stretch marks Encourages skin to repair its own cells Speeds up skin healing & repairs damaged & scarred skin Stimulates skin regeneration for younger & healthier skin appearance Adds radiance & luminosity to skin Moisturizes skin deeply Diminishes dry spots Improves skin tone & texture Lifts loose skin Restores skin protective layers INGREDIENTS Epidermal growth factor extract- boost and regulates stem cell proliferation. It can repair epidermis delay aging, fade speckles, inhibit wrinkles and moisten skin. The content of EGF in the body determines how old the skin is. Glycerin- a common ingredient used in skin care products as a humectant and as an enrollment to soften and soothe skin. (In dark bottle protecting the serum from direct sunlight) How to use: Cleanse and tone skin, then apply the EGF Serum once or twice daily. Safe and recommended to be used under dermarolling treatment. Product made/from Italy Meet up or ships via JRS Express Payment accepted : BDO RCBC Savings Bank, RCBC, GCASH, PayPal, LBC, CEBUANA, Ml, Palawan. Private message to purchase or text 09151281388 Thank you!

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