DEXE Hair Loss Concealer / Hair Thickener / Hair Building

PHP 329
Santa Rosa, Philippines

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DEXE Hair Loss Concealer / Hair Thickener / Hair Building Made from natural plant keratin Color: Black Safe for daily use Get instant hair when you need it Statically-charged fibers resist wind and motion Recommended for men and women with black hair Best applied when dry to avoid clumping What is DEXE Hair Fiber? DEXE Hair Fiber is a revolutionary product that insantly addresses and helps people suffering from hair loss. DEXE Hair Fiber - Instantly covers up the bald spots and thinning hair; -Is very easy to use and it will last the whole day with just one application; -Looks natural and will not smear on your skin or clothes; -Is good for indoor and outdoor use; -Is perfect for both Men and Women. DEXE Hair Fiber is perfectly SAFE. -It is made out of natural/organic materials; -It has the naturaly ability to stick/adhere to existing hair no matter how small; -It bonds easily and securely. How does DEXE works? Upon applying/sprinlking DEXE hair fiber on your thinning spot the high grade fiber automatically bonds to the existing hair making each wisp of hair thicker and fuller, instantly covering and eliminating the bald spots. It also has a “filing” effect making your hair fuller and thicker. You will look 10 yrs. younger in 30 seconds.