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THE BABIES ARE HERE!!! Grab yours now 💙 Pls. Follow Colourpop88_ph on Instagram Feel free to share. THANKS ❤❤❤ *LIMITED Stocks Only *Ultra Matte/Satin Lip Creams are all in MINI SIZES. 💛Lippie stix (matte): (PHP 295.00 ONLY) COOKIE (2pcs.) BRINK (2pcs.)(1-RESERVED) GRUNGE (2pcs.)(1-RESERVED) LBB (2pcs.) (1-RESERVED) I ❤ THIS (2pcs.) BOSSY (❌ SOLD ❌) 💙Ulra Matte lip creams: (PHP 299.00 ONLY) FRESH CUT (matte) VIPER (matte) (RESERVED) BUMBLE (RESERVED) MORE BETTER (matte) (RESERVED) SUNDAY (matte) SCHNOOKUMS (satin) (2pcs.) (1-RESERVED) ECHO PARK (satin) (2pcs.) (1-RESERVED) LYIN' KING (satin) (2pcs.) DOPEY (satin) (2pcs.) BARACUDA (satin) (2pcs.)(1-RESERVED) TIMES SQUARE (matte) SOLOW (matte) (RESERVED) BAD HABIT (matte) CREEPER(❌ SOLD ❌) AVENUE (❌ SOLD ❌)

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