Collagen & Glutathione Perfect Magic Peeling Cream

PHP 79
Cebu City, Philippines

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Collagen & Glutathione Perfect Magic Peeling Cream With the magic effect of : It can clear the freckles, blemishes, acne and control the melanin production, Cleanses the dirt and blackheads in the deep layer of skin. Effectively clean the skin and remove cuticle, reduce skin blemishes, leaving skin flawless and vibrant. Gentle-action gel perfect for deep and thorought exfoliation. Removes dead cells to acclerate skin renewal, Enriched with Vitamibn C , Effectively removes dead cells with no irritation and txture loss. Contains no pigment and has no irritation. Great for the sensitive skin. Balance moiturizing Grts rid of the dead cell of the skin, restore a whitened,delicate and fresh skin look

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Cebu City, Philippines