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CEBU PACIFIC COMPLIMENTARY TICKET FARE FOR PhP 1,000 ONLY! Inclusions: 1. Discounted ticket fare! :) 2. 2-way flight to and from Manila Not included: 1. Name Change. You have to alter the ID based on the name of the ticket. The ID will be used before you board the plane. We can provide an ID for you but please let us know in advance! 2. Baggage Allowance. No baggage included because this is a complimentary ticket but as per rules of Cebu Pacific, you can bring 7KG of hand carry baggage but you cannot check it in. If in case you want to check in a big bag, you have to buy their standard baggage allowance of 15KG. 3. Restrictions. See terms and conditions on the ticket for the restrictions of a complimentary ticket. 4. No refund. You are not entitled to refund the ticket once bought. Details: Date of Departure to Iloilo: 02 December 2017 (Saturday) From: Manila to Iloilo Time: 2:30p.m-3:45p.m Date of Return to Manila: 10 Decemeber 2017 (Sunday) From: Iloilo to Manila Time: 9:35a.m-10:50a.m FAQs: 1. Why am I selling the ticket? I booked it for my Mom for her vacation but due to prior commitment, she decided not to push through. I already booked her on an earlier flight which is on November. 2. How do I claim the ticket? Once the money has been deposited, the e-ticket will be emailed to you. As simple as that. 2. Payment Methods: BDO Account (without fee) Metrobank (with Php25.00 fee) Money Remittance via LBC or Western Union (with applicable fees depending on the amount) Thank you!

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