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Cable Control brand transparent heat shrink tube kits. Perfect for labelling your cable runs or for showing off your excellent wire termination! Also used for components that require inspection every now and then like fuses, resistors, diodes and what not. Great for LED strips that are uninsulated. For faster reply : please pm us at call / text : 09424 909 323 sun call / text : 0905 228 1784 globe Location : QC We Can ship nationwide Available in 3 kits: 6mm (gauge 18 to 10) 30 pcs. X 1.75" = P60.00/kit 12mm (gauge 8 to 6) 30 pcs. X 1.75" = P80.00/kit 15mm (gauge 4) 30 pcs. X 1.75" = P100.00/kit *Just to be clear, labels are not included, just print your own on sticker paper. It's important to be transparent ;) Cable Control Accs - Your Partner in Wiring/Cable Management For your wiring peripherals and DIY essentials pls check out our albums :

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