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* Secure - It can physically protect your phone from pickpockets or dropping it. The phone will stay attached to your pocket under your full control! Anti-theft! Anti-Drop! Anti-Loss! * Easy To Use - Slide down your phone into your pocket, then the phone will lock to the fabric of your pocket automatically. To unlock, simply press your phone firmly downwards and C-Safe will release from its lock. * Small & Portable - The sleek design offers a minimalistic look and feel. Besides it is entirely mechanical, no battery, GPS and Bluetooth needed, so you don’t have to worry about charging when you go out * Waterproof - Designed with water resistant function, so you can wash your clothes without removing the magnetic pocket lock. * Wide Compatibility - C-Safe Pocket Lock is compatible with all phone devices: Android/ iOS/ iPhone 7 7plus or any valuables in your bags and pockets.

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Xend / Fastrack / JRS (via bank deposit, cebuana, mhuillier)