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Visit us at our store at for up to 50% off bookstore prices! 😍 We have books from Sarah Maas, Rick Riordan, Julie Murphy, Nicholas Sparks, and more! :) Here's a full price list Legend: RM - Remaindered PB - Paperback HB - Hardbound -----------------------CLEARANCE SALE (LAST COPIES)--------------------- 99 Days (RM) - Php 299 The Scorch Trials (RM, sealed) - Php 299 Shadow Queen (RM) - Php 329 Front Lines (RM) - Php 349 The Last Star (Large paperback, preloved) - Php 350 Windwitch (Brand new and sealed large paperback) - Php 399 The Girl With All the Gifts (Brand new and sealed large paperback) - Php 449 Batman Nightwalker (Brand new and sealed, paperback) - Php 499 Kill Order + Scorch Trials Set (Brand new black paperbacks) - Php 549 Maze Runner Collector's Edition (Brand new and sealed, paperback) - Php 575 Harry Potter Cinematic Guide Collection (Brand new and sealed, paperbacks) - Php 999 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Php 299 Each Queen Of Hearts (PB, RM) The Wicked Will Rise (PB, RM) Dorothy Must Die Stories (PB, RM) Shatter Me (PB, RM) The Rest Of Us Just Live Here (PB, RM) Strange And Ever After (PB, RM) Meant To Be (PB, RM) The Rule of Thoughts (PB, RM) Php 329 Each Ice Like Fire (PB, RM) The Anatomical Shape Of A Heart (PB, RM) The Jewel (PB, RM) Php 349 Each Walk On Earth A Stranger (PB, RM) A Conspiracy Of Kings (PB, RM) Red Queen (PB, RM) Flamecaster (PB, RM) Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda (PB, RM) Tiny Pretty Things (PB, RM) Before I Fall (PB, RM) This Song Will Save Your Life (PB, RM, sealed) Php 379 Each Library Of Souls (PB) Php 399 Each Bad Girls With Perfect Faces (HB, RM) Me Being Me Is Exactly As Insane As You Being You (PB) Infinite Sea (HB, RM) And I Darken (HB, RM) Windwitch (HB, RM) Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Brand new and sealed paperback) Wandering Star (HB, RM) Seeker (HB, RM) Traveler (HB, RM) Flawed (HB, RM) The Edge of Everything (HB, RM) Php 429 Each The Girl In Pieces (Brand new and sealed, PB) What Light (Brand new and sealed, PB) Php 449 Each The Diabolic (PB) Magnus Chase Sword of Summer (PB) In the Afterlight (HB) The Rose and Dagger (HB, RM) Php 499 Each Here Lies Daniel Tate (HB, RM) Yellow Brick War (HB, RM) Quillifer (HB, RM) The White Rose (HB, RM) Last Star Burning (HB, RM) Before I Fall (HB, RM) The Explorer (HB, RM) Through The Dark (HB) The Jungle Book (HB) Frankenstein (HB) Two By Two (PB, Sealed) The Last Star (HB, RM) Without Merit (Brand new and sealed, PB) Php 550 Each Mark Of Athena (HB, RM) Throne Of Fire (HB, RM) Midnight Star (HB, RM) The Empress (HB, RM) Php 599 Each Tower Of Dawn (HB, RM) A Court Of Mist and Fury (HB, RM) Paris For One (HB, Sealed) Magnus Chase Sword of Summer (HB) Twilight Anniv Ed (HB) Throne of Fire Graphic Novel (HB) Carve the Mark (Brand new and sealed, HB) Php 638 Snow Like Ashes + Snow Like Fire (PB, RM) Php 799 per set Crossfire 3-Book Boxed Set (PB, Sealed) Seeker + Traveler Duo (HB, RM) Php 998 Each Set The Diabolic + The Empress (HB, RM) The White Rose + The Black Key (HB, RM) Php 999 Each Set Ever After High 3-Book Boxed Set (HB, Sealed) Doctor Who 12-Mini Book Boxed Set (PB, Sealed) Harry Potter Cinematic Guide Collection (HB, Sealed) Php 1,047 Queen's Thief 3-Book Bundle (PB, RM) Php 1,099 5th Wave Trilogy (1 paperback, RM; 2 HB, RM) #fdelivery

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