BOOKS FOR RENT RIZAL AREA ONLY (Please read description)

PHP 50
Antipolo, Philippines

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Are you addicted to books? Do you have books that you are dying to read? Are you a bookworm? Are you too broke to buy books? Because I know I am. Haha I can help you, I have BOOKS FOR RENT! You can now read the book you’ve always wanted to read. 🚨RULES: 📚Rental fee is 50 pesos for a 5 day rental. For additional days or extensions it will be 10 pesos per day. Extensions must be requested 2 days before or else you will be penalized with the DUE DATE PENALTY. 📚Books not returned by the due date will be penalized and you will have to pay the DUE DATE PENALTY of P20 pesos per day. 📚I will have you sign a CONTRACT OF AGREEMENT that you understand and agree to the terms of penalties, rental rules and etc. 📚I will be providing a book bag for every book you borrow. This book bag will be used for the protection of the book. If not used and if you want to place it inside the your bags please put them inside the book bag. Destruction of the book bag will penalize you with a fee of P80 pesos. 📚If ever the book you wanted is not available you will be immediately put on the WAITING LIST. There will be a given date for you of when the book will be available. 📝 NOTICE I take care of these books, I don’t abuse them. They are my pride, my joy and my babies. YES, I said babies. I treat them very well and I take care of them. I will be very strict about them because I want them in mint condition. Some of these books have slight damages already due to old age and people who borrow books from me. I am trying to avoid that so there rules and penalties for book damages and they are as follows: 📌BOOK TEARS,RIPS AND FOLDING both on the pages and book covers is not allowed. You will be fined and will be paying P40 pesos for every tear, rip or fold. I have pictures of my books as a reference to it’s condition for every rental it has gone through. 📌HARD BOUND COVER TEARS, RIPS AND FOLDING will be penalized with a fee P80 pesos. 📌WHOLE PAGE RIPS & TEARS will be penalized with a fee of P100 pesos for every damaged page. 📌SPINE BREAKS will be penalized for a book replacement and an immediate ban of the book rental service. I will not let you rent my books and you will have to replace the book with exactly what it is. If it is hardbound then it should be hardbound. If it is paperback it should be paper back. If it has a Limited Edition book cover then it should be the same one. It has to be brand new and in mint condition. I will accept second hands only if it passes my standards. 📎PM ME FOR PICTURES OF THE BOOKS SO THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO READ THE SUMMARY ON THE BOOK. 📚BOOKS AVAILABLE📚 JOHN GREEN 📕Looking for Alaska 📕Paper Towns 📕Let it Snow DAVID LEVITHAN 📕Everyday 📕Another Day JEFF KINNEY 📕Diary of a Wimpy Kid OLD SCHOOL 📕Diary of a Wimpy Kid DOUBLE DOWN KIERA CASS 📕The Crown RAINBOW ROWELL 📕Carry On SARAH MLYNOWSKI 📕Parties and Potions NICOLA YOON 📕The Sun is also a star JENIFFER NIVEN 📕Holding up the Universe ANDREA PORTES 📕Anatomy of a Misfit JENNY HANN 📕Always and Forever, Lara Jean HOLLY BOURNE 📕What’s A Girl Gotta Do? LANG LEAV 📕Sad Girls CHRIS HIGGINS 📕Pride and Penalties PATRICK NESS 📕THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE NATALIE STANDIFORD 📕A Dating Game Series ANA BRASHARES 📕The Second Summer of The Sisterhood PHYLLIS REYNODLS NAYLOR 📕Now I’ll Tell You Everything (Last book of the series) KATHLEEN HORAN 📕Relationship Obits DANNY WALLACE 📕Charlotte Street JOHN HARGRAVE 📕Mischief Makers Manual KATE SCELSCA 📕Fans of The Impossible Life RICK RIORDAN 📕The Hidden Oracle (Book 1) 📕The Dark Prophecy (Book 2) 📕The Son of Neptune (Book 2) MICHELLE FALKOFF 📕Playlist for the Dead MERIAM DEFENSOR SANTIAGO 📕Stupid is Forever 📕Stupid is Forevermore J.K ROWLING 📕Harry Potter and the Cursed Child MULTIPLE AUTHOR BOOKS 📕My True Love Gave To Me

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Antipolo, Philippines

HANDLING FEE OF 50 pesos MEET UP PLACES: 📍Antipolo Church 📍Robinsons Place Antipolo 📍Vista Mall Antipolo 📍KFC Tikling/ Mc Donalds Tikling