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    (4) THE QUEST FOR CHARACTER Charles Swindoll - P120 >>> RESERVED meljaramilla

BOOK SELECTION: SPIRITUAL - Believe * Inheriting the Earth * Quest for Answers * The Road Unseen (Bestseller) + Free Word on the Street


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STOP! PLS CHECK "ALL" PHOTOS "BEFORE PROCEEDING OR ASKING QUESTIONS!" . . . . . UPDATED: 16July2018 REPOST / UPDATE: Previously posted separately. We're now putting them in one post for easy-searching for this topic - SPIRITUAL. They may still be purchased SEPARATELY & with the usual option of buying them as a bundle. BUNDLE PRICE: P 270.00 (All 4 Books) + FREE Book (Price lowered) INDIVIDUAL/RETAIL PRICES: (1) BELIEVE Archbishop Desmond Tutu - P70 6.25" x 7.25" 93pages, hardbound, like new The Words and Inspiration of Desmond Tutu is part of the new Me We book series from Blue Mountain ArtsA(R). Inspired by the life and philosophy of one of the 20th century as most remarkable humanitarians, this book combines compelling photographs of Archbishop Tutu with quotations from his most inspiring speeches and writings to capture the true essence of his timeless messages of peace, freedom, and love. The book also includes an introduction by Tutu and an in-depth biographical essay by South African writer/novelist Mike Nicol. (2) INHERITING THE EARTH Brendan Byrne - P20 5.5" x 8" 110pages (3) QUEST FOR ANSWERS Fernando de Larrazabal - P70 5.5" x 8" 109pages (4) THE QUEST FOR CHARACTER Charles Swindoll - P120 >>> SOLD to: meljaramilla (5) THE ROAD UNSEEN M. Scott Peck, MD - P150 5.25" x 9" 154pages The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth "Psychotherapy is all things to all people in this mega-selling pop-psychology watershed, which features a new introduction by the author in this 25th anniversary edition. His agenda in this tome, which was first published in 1978 but didn't become a bestseller until 1983, is to reconcile the psychoanalytic tradition with the conflicting cultural currents roiling the 70s. In the spirit of Me-Decade individualism and libertinism, he celebrates self-actualization as life's highest purpose and flirts with the notions of open marriage and therapeutic sex between patient and analyst. But because he is attuned to the nascent conservative backlash against the therapeutic worldview, Peck also cites Gospel passages, recruits psychotherapy to the cause of traditional religion (he even convinces a patient to sign up for divinity school) and insists that problems must be overcome through suffering, discipline and hard work (with a therapist.) Often departing from the cerebral and rationalistic bent of Freudian discourse for a mystical, Jungian tone more compatible with New Age spirituality, Peck writes of psychotherapy as an exercise in "love" and "spiritual growth," asserts that "our unconscious is God" and affirms his belief in miracles, reincarnation and telepathy. Peck's synthesis of such clashing elements (he even throws in a little thermodynamics) is held together by a warm and lucid discussion of psychiatric principles and moving accounts of his own patients' struggles and breakthroughs. Harmonizing psychoanalysis and spirituality, Christ and Buddha, Calvinist work ethic and interminable talking cures, this book is a touchstone of our contemporary religio-therapeutic culture." FREE: WORD IN THE STREET by Fr. James B. Reuter - FREE w/ purchase of all 4 books above

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