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    REPOST / UPDATE: Previously posted separately. We're now putting them in one post for easy-searching for this topic - SELF-HELP. They may still be purchased SEPARATELY & with the usual option of buying them as a bundle.

BOOK SELECTION: SELF-HELP - Double Your Energy & Live Without Fatigue * Forgive & Forget * Getting Organized * Healing Life's Sore Spots * Perfect Every Time: When Doing It All Leaves You With Nothing * Personality for Today's Youth * Working Smart


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STOP! PLS CHECK "ALL" PHOTOS "BEFORE PROCEEDING OR ASKING QUESTIONS!" . . . . . REPOST / UPDATE: Previously posted separately. We're now putting them in one post for easy-searching for this topic - SELF-HELP. They may still be purchased SEPARATELY & with the usual option of buying them as a bundle. BUNDLE PRICE: P340 (All 6 books, Book #6 Free if all other purchased at one time) PRE <3 CONDITIONS: #1 - #4 > 10/10 # 5 - #7 > 9/10 INDIVIDUAL/RETAIL PRICES: (1) DOUBLE YOUR ENERGY AND LIVE WITHOUT FATIGUE Margery Wilson - P70.00 6.25" x 9" * 237pages * Hardbound Shows how exercise, nutrition, stress and attitude contribute to a person's feelings of fatigue or vigor. * A helpful guide to our very hectic lifestyle as event organizers. * (2) FORGIVE & FORGET Lewis B. Smedes - P50.00 5.25" x 8" * 152pages * Paperback Shows you how to move from hurting & hating to healing & reconciliation. With the lessons of forgiveness, you can establish healthier relationships, reclaim the happiness that should be yours, and achieve lasting peace of mind. * Purchased this book when I was assigned as part-time/volunteer counselor in a school. Managed to get helpful tips from this book. * (3) GETTING ORGANIZED Stephanie Winston - P70.00 >>> RESERVED: jannashoppe 5.75" x 8.5" * 256pages * Hardbound The easy way to put your life in order. * Purchased in a book sale, with existing marking/s, but very minimal and neatly done. This book is one of the reasons why I'm probably more organized now. I took a step further in digitalizing some books. Hoping to be 'more' clutter-free before the end of the year. * (4) HEALING LIFE'S SORE SPOTS Frank Kostyu - P60.00 5.75" x 8.75" 156pages * Hardbound Here is HELP for dealing with those "bruises of the spirit" ... Anger, Indecision, Loneliness, Regret, Unhappiness, Noncommunication, Stress, Fear, Ingratitude, Guilt, Anxiety, Panic, and Grief. * This helped me very much too during my stint as volunteer counselor, and more - a perfect companion when stress and indecision got in the way! * (5) PERFECT EVERY TIME: WHEN DOING IT ALL LEAVES YOU WITH NOTHING Paula Rinehart - P50.00 5.25" x 8.5" * 200pages * Paperback, Plastic covered Rinehart shares honestly from her own life and from the lives of other women who try too hard and do too much. You'll learn to listen more to the God-given desires within and less to the performance dictates of our culture, your past, or other people. Ultimately, you'll discover a restored enjoyment of womanhood--giving you the ability to receive from God and others and to relax in strength that's not your own. * I learned to say NO :) * (6) PERSONALITY FOR TODAY'S YOUTH Amparo Santos - P40.00 ***THIS BOOK IS FREE IF ALL OTHER 6 BOOKS ARE PURCHASED AT ONE TIME*** >>> RESERVED: jannashoppe 7" x 10" * 147pages Etiquette, Good Manners, Right Conduct & Social Graces - these never go out of style! (7) WORKING SMART Michael LeBoeuf - P40.00 >>> RESERVED: jannashoppe 4" x 7" 272pages * Paperback, Plastic covered Are you working too hard? Too long? Too frantically? How to Accomplish More in Half the Time A complete program: Excercises! Charts! Results! Are you buried under an avalanche of paper? Are you besieged by visitors, meetings and phone calls? ° Banish the 12 major contributors to failure and fatigue! ° Increase your flexibility and awareness! ° Conquer procrastination! ° Set goals that work for you! ° Sharpen your memory and concentration power! ° Discover unconscious decision-making! ° Strengthen your self-image! ° Eliminate guilt, worry, fear and excessive anger! ° Improve your reading and writing skills! If you feel you are too busy or too tired... to read WORKING SMART you need it most of all! PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL THE WAY DOWN...

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