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📚 Can't seem to find the book you are looking for? 💌 Chat with us for pre-loved book reservations through our Book Seeker Service! For a Handling Fee of ₱ 50 TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Maximum of 4 books & minimum of 2 books for reservation 2.Additional ₱ 10 for every book added after 4 books. (ex. For 5 books, we will charge ₱ 60) 3.Reserved books are subject to availability, we may opt to not accept Book Seeker Services due to time constraints / busy schedules 4.Book availability waiting time: 1 week minimum, maximum of 2 weeks 5.Book availability is not guaranteed. However, we may recommend books of similar genres, or replacement book title to max. out delivery fees. 6.This payment / fee shall be added to the commutative price of the all books reserved. 7.Only one photo shall be provided for assessment of book condition. Books are all sealed, we can't open them. 8.We check if the books live up to O.C. bookworm standards prior to reserving / recommending them to you. 9.No FULL payment, no reservation, dyefinitely no shipping. #bookseekerservice #cupboard.underthestairs #bookreservations #preloved #prelovedbooks #bookservices #customercare #customerrequest #findingbooksforyou

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Mailing or Delivery

We ship items via Xend courier, shipping charges are as follows: a. Metro Manila: ₱ 70 b. Outside Metro Manila: ₱ 110 *shipping fee added on total / final price upon check-out