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These books were part of my sappy-romantic sophomore years, and they've held a place in my library to the present (mainly for drawing reference). I'm selling these to make room for more comics that may add more reference to my mental book collection. -Bought when Blank Ink Comics still sold for P79 -I decided to post these in one listing because there was too much of them to post one by one -Comics are still in good condition, though I admit I wouldn't say "perfectly new condition" because they have unremoved price tag glue and and one (BIC0068) has minimal spine cracks -I apologize for the bad lighting, this was the best I could make with the camera I was borrowing at the time Available comics: -BIC0068 ("Hashtag Love, Hashtag Time, Hashtag Riva", "Pen Pal sa Pader", "Eroplanong Papel") -BIC0099 ("Ang Babae sa Waiting Shed", "Hindi Nakasanayang Ghost Story", "I'm Dating a Seminarista")

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Baguio, Philippines

-Abanao Square -Porta Vaga -SM -Cedar Peak Only on weekends

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Via LBC or JRS Express